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At Inspired Health Chiropractic we endeavour to meet your health needs as best we can in a respectful and dignified way. Be it Pain, injury management, injury prevention or overall improved health and wellbeing, we can help you on your journey to good health. 

Our Goal is to get people moving better, feeling better and making better decisions about their health long term.

To do this we use an integrative approach providing gentle Chiropractic care using the Neuro Impulse Protocol (N.I.P) and targeted exercises to increase flexibility and strength. We also provide knowledge for patients to influence areas of their life that can accelerate change and have a profound impact on their long term health. Such areas include sleep science, pain science, exercise, diet and stress management. 

We all require a strong, well aligned, proper functioning joint and muscular system to create a platform of stability that enables us to move and use our limbs. Well aligned joints channel the forces of activity and gravity efficiently through the joints and muscles of the body.

Most people understand that the joints and muscles of the body are controlled by the brain. The Brain receives information from the joints, ligaments and muscles via the spinal cord to map a representation of the body. This representation is then used by the brain to efficiently co-ordinate joints and muscles for stabilisation and movement. It is the messages that the brain receives, interprets and sends that allows this to happen.  This whole concept is termed Neuromuscular Control.

When Neuromuscular Control is compromised it affects alignment, unnecessarily loads joints, makes muscles inefficient and creates joint instability which sets the stage for joint wearing and pain. Restoring normal movement and strength increases feedback to the brain and improves neuromuscular control. This is achieved using the NIP system of analysis and treatment complimented with specific exercise prescription

We aim to improve Neuromuscular Control, alignment, flexibility and strength so that you can move more efficiently and freely to do the things that you want to do.

"You take your body everywhere so we think that you should look after it"