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"Our aim is to meet your health goals as best we can in a respectful and dignified way"

INITIAL CONSULATION ($125/Approx. 40 minutes) 

Your Initial (first) consultation is an extended consultation that involves your Chiropractor taking a thorough history of your complaint and past medical conditions. As such, on this visit they will ask you to tell them what you would like help with. This will be a story of your presenting problems and how they are affecting you. Your Chiropractor will likely ask further questions to gain a better understanding of your problem to determine the likely cause. They may ask questions about other joints and systems of your body that may not make direct sense to you but are important as some problems may be coming from an origin distant from the presenting pain or symptoms or they may be a product of something more complex. 

Your Chiropractor will then perform a  physical examination which begins with a general overview of the body, structural analysis, a range of movements to test flexibility, reflex testing and strength testing. It will then move to  include more specific Orthopaedic, Neurological and Chiropractic testing. Look at this step as a process of testing different parts of your body by moving them around to help confirm  what in fact is going on and what the next step to recovery is. If we find that you are a good candidate for chiropractic care and no imaging is required then we will start care then and there. If imaging is required we will often wait for the results of these before starting care.

Initial consultation often lasts about 40 minutes.

REGULAR VISIT ($70/Approx. 20minutes)  

Regular visits are shorter in duration, making it convenient for busy lifestyles. Regular visits are generally scheduled one at a time and each visit builds on the previous.

All visits are in a private room with your chiropractor to allow thorough and precise care.


Movement Strength and Knowledge are the pillars that underpin the care provided at Inspired Health Chiropractic. Care involves corrections to restore neuro muscular control and alignment using N.I.P (NIP) and also giving patients specific exercises for flexibility and strength to accelerate their recovery.

Chris is passionate about their practice and get a good kick out of getting people better. You will find that they enjoy answering your questions and imparting knowledge to you to help accelerate your recovery and improve your health long term.

Some of the areas of significant importance regarding General Health and good function that they may discuss with you are

- Sleep 

- Biomechanics of the body 

- Pain science 

- How stress effects the body 

- Importance of Exercise and movement


By no means is it necessary to have imaging such as x-ray or MRI prior to starting care. If  Chris feels that imaging is required to visualise an area of your body  via x-ray or MRI they will refer you accordingly. We do not routinely image patients unless there is an indication to do so. 

If Chris feel that you need an x-ray they can refer for spinal x-ray which can be bulk billed through Medicare. With regard to MRI, generally,  there are out of pocket expenses if you are referred by Chris or your GP and they will discuss this process with you.

If you have past x-ray or MRI reports it is a good idea to bring them on your first Visit

We look forward to meeting you and if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to call our practice on (03) 97482700