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At IHC our care is targeted at improving neuromuscular control to restore normal movement, alignment and strength. To do this we use N.I.P to make precise corrections to the joints and muscles and prescribe specific exercises to accelerate recovery and help prevent recurrence.

We have a significant role to play in the spectrum of athletic performance, not just acute injury management. For those with chronic or recurrent injury the unique nature of NIP may be the difference you are looking for. For those who are serious about improving performance, reducing recovery times and reducing risks of injury NIP may be just what you need.

Athletic performance relies on your brains ability to co ordinate balance, stability and mobility with strength, power, speed and agility. When the ability of your brain to co ordinate proper alignment,  joint stability and movement is compromised this creates in-efficient movement patterns which may be uncoordinated and awkward. This leads to inefficient joint mechanics, inappropriate joint loading and poor muscular control which sets the stage for injury. (What's it all about)​​​​​​​

"Is your injury due to an alignment problem?"

With injury there will almost always be an associated loss of movement and strength at the site of injury and along the involved kinematic chain (surrounding joints and muscles) as the body acts to reflexively protect the injured area. Movement, alignment and strength needs to be restored to accelerate healing and reduce the risks of recurrence. When neuromuscular control at the individual joints and muscles is not restored then this can lead to chronic injury, pain and reduced athletic performance.

"Come in and experience what we do and see how effective NIP can be to your Athletic performance"