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The technique we use at Inspired Health Chiropractic is the Neuro Impulse Protocol (N.I.P),  A chiropractic technique based on brain function and how it is the brain that controls how our body works including the coordinates of the joints and muscles.


NIP is a full body system of analysis to identify abnormal sensory input from structures of the body such as joints, muscles and ligaments that compromise the brains ability to co-ordinate normal movement and strength. Once identified impulse or gentle force is applied to the joint or muscle to restore normal sensory input to the brain and improve neuromuscular control and co-ordination . This is reflected with increased movement and strength that patients can often see and appreciate immediately.


NIP allows assessment of all joints to determine if they have full range of movement or if they have a loss of movement in any particular direction. This Is achieved by gently moving each joint by hand whilst the patient is either sitting or laying down. When a problem is identified a loss of movement and strength at the involved joint will be evident.


The force used to make specific corrections (Restore input) is gentle in nature and applied with a fingers touch. There is no cracking involved (Cavitation of joints) which is often associated with Chiropractic adjustments or manipulations, and corrections are made in a neutral position where patients are comfortable.


Corrections are simple but the impact of restoring joint and muscle function is profound.  The precise corrections improve alignment to help transmission of forces through joints, restores muscle tone and tension for efficient movement and stability and also improves sensory input into the brain to aid Brain Mapping which is integral to proper function.


To compliment the corrections in clinic we prescribe specific exercises to  improve joint function, flexibility and in the longer term strength to work towards a sustainable outcome.


We are excited to be here when you need us are located in  Altona North servicing the surrounding  Williamstown, Yarraville, Werribee, Point Cook, Melton, Bacchus Marsh.