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At Inspired Health Chiropractic Movement, Strength and Knowledge are the pillars that underpin our practice. We focus on restoring and maintaining movement and strength in our patients to help relieve symptoms and restore function.  We enjoy giving patients knowledge  to help them recover faster and influence their function and health in the long term.

Most often people present to our clinic complaining of some kind of pain. Often neck pain, back pain, disc pain, Headache, shoulder pain, knee pain or ankle pain. This may be the result of injury, stress, sport or a gradual problem that builds over time and seems to come from no particular cause. 

Many of these problems are often related to a lack of movement and strength at an individual joint such as a spinal joint, shoulder joint, knee joint or ankle joint. When joint alignment is distorted it sets the stage for undue stress on joints, ligaments and muscles leading to micro trauma, instability, reduced function and often pain. 

We utilise a specific Neurologically based chiropractic technique that is the Neuro Impulse Protocol (N.I.P) to aid restoration of movement, strength and neuromuscular control.  It is a hands on system of analysis and treatment that is gentle, involves no cracking and often shows immediate changes in movement and strength. 

We partner N.I.P with Neurological and strength based exercises to accelerate change so that patients can get on with their life and do the things that they want to do and enjoy. 

We believe that the more targeted, specific and ordered a Practitioner can be in the delivery of their care to a patient the greater their success. This is why we use N.I.P to be targeted in the delivery of our corrections and exercise prescription.

Whether you are young, old or in between, an athlete, active or sedentary most understand that the concepts of movement, strength and knowledge are key to a well-functioning body and good health. 

We look forward to seeing you soon to see how we can help, and remember:

"You take your body everywhere and use it every day so we think you should look after it". 


Christopher McPhie